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The old faithful process


It all starts here. You tell us everything about your brand, your story and your content needs & wants. Then, we'll evaluate the scope of production and talk numbers.


After our creative proposal & quote have been green lit, we then prepare the paperwork to secure your spot in our calendar.


This is where all the planning and logistics happen. Securing people, places and equipment. We will craft the creative vision  all together, and get everything ready for some smooth sailing production days.


It's showtime. On "shoot" days, we make sure we're all on the same page, literally, to capture all angles & nuggets of each scene, in order to properly stitch it all in post.


Lights off! Enter the editing room; where we'll be layering audio tracks, adding all kinds of visuals, dialling-in colors, setting the right mood for the story, shaping it all up into the final product.


It's alive! We package it all with the right aspect ratios and execute the strategic plan for the digital release.

frequently asked

How long does it take to make a video?

There's no universal answer for this, really depends on your project and story you wanna tell. But if there's little to no pre-production to do, it can be super fast for us to shoot and edit it all. We charge a rush fee for anything under 2week turn-around time.

Do you travel for projects?

Yes, we're not scared of anything.

Do you take on editing work only?

Yes, but it depends on the project value to us. For example, we won't edit your uncle's GoPro footage unfortunately. If the project aligns with our values, we definitely are open to editing requests.

Do you have access to a royalty-free music and stock footage library?

Yes. We also have connections for making music scores and we also do stock footage on demand.

Do you have internship opportunities?

Yes, shoot us an email at hello@cillema.com.

What is Cillema's specialty?

We love short documentary filmmaking. Telling people's stories in the most authentic way possible, that's where we thrive.

Do you do music videos?

Yes. We wanna do more too! Please send us your mixtape.

Do you do special arrangements with crowdfunding projects?

We do. Contact us with your product/idea and we can sign a NDA and chat from there.

Do you require a deposit to start a project?

Yes. We require a 50% deposit on all projects we take on after quotes are approved.

Do you work on retainer or per quarter?

Absolutely. We actually prefer that. We love fostering long-term relationships with clients.

More questions? Shoot us an email.

Production is a team sport.
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