Photography / Videography / Post-Production


The state of the union. A series of videos taking the pulse on Alberta's local boardshops.

the brief

Record a day riding with local boarders trying out Burton's next year's demo boards.

The Content

Alex (the boarder of our crew) delivered a full length video for social along with a bunch of pictures that'll live on Burton's blog.

the result

"Knowing this would be an epic road trip that deserved to be properly documented, I brought along Alex Beaucage, local filmer/photographer/shredder extraordinaire. Alex & I grew up filming video parts together and his talent for photo and video is only matched by his talent on a board. When we were kids I quickly realized he is on another level – when he isn’t getting the clip behind the camera, he’s probably getting it in front. A passionate snowboarder through and through with a keen eye for content, it was fitting to reconnect for this project after all these years."

Zach Aller

Area Manager / Writer