Casting / Photography / Videography / Post-Production

Daiya - Hike

Daiya is one of those brands that they just love seeing their product getting places.

the brief

Get Daiya products up on a hike. Inspire the audience to pack a dairy free sandwich and hit up the mountains.

The Content

Short Video for social packaged for IG reel, grid post and 10 matching photos for cross-platform usage.

On the ground production duration: 1 day
Assembly/Editing time: 2 days

the result

" I’ve worked with Cillema on dozens of projects now, spanning over 5 years and two companies. I recommend and put their names forward any chance I get, and my colleagues are consistently as impressed with their work as I am. The creativity and polish exhibited in both their photography and videography speaks for itself and working with this team is always a breeze. The Cillema crew are a brand’s (and especially content team’s!) best friend: they’re an incredibly low-maintenance, one-stop-shop, can-do team that “gets it”. What’s more, they are just good people doing good things in this world. Thanks team – always love working with you! "

Niki Boileau