Scriptwriting / Cinematography / BTS Photography


The video piece that every business owner needs. The WHY story.

the brief

We crafted this video to conceptualize another similar project The team came together one afternoon to craft this video showcasing the owner & operator behind Magidome. Digging into the deeper meaning of the product and its positive impact.

The Content

Ryan shared with us his "Why" story behind the Magidome and we made sure to capture some "behind-the-scene" pictures, baking memories, creating together.

This video is a short & sweet timeless piece, useful for ads and brand identity.

On the ground production duration: 2 days
Assembly/Editing time: under 3days

the result

"Upon meeting and working with Cillema I realized the true art of film making is in the moment, in the connections and dynamic between people and capturing the chemistry that arises. The skill set of these professionals is truly paralleled by their genuine spirit and love of their craft. Above all else, it has been a joy to work with Cillema as they bring out the best in their subjects and see things only true film makers can see. They have taught me the true power and magic of film, and for that I am grateful."

Ryan Dutchak

Owner & Operator of Magidome