Photography / Videography / Post-Production

Nature's Path

What is regenerative organic agriculture?

the brief

Document and plainly explain Nature's Path's regenerative agriculture efforts. From the owner's backyard all the way to their A-B testing farm in the prairies of Canada.

The Content

Our mandate was to go to the farm, film an interview and grab some b roll. Instead, we jumped on the opportunity to spend as much time there as possible, connecting with and learning from the farm manager in order to conduct the best interview possible. When we left the farm, we not only had a raw and gritty interview but many more assets for longer storytelling pieces.

the result

"Capturing meaningful dialog on film takes a special energy to be present during setup, preparation and filming. Amy and Alex fit in perfectly and allowed this to evolve naturally and with a positive feel. They will capture whatever you’re working on presenting in a fresh, creative and fun way."

Dag Falck

Organic Program Lead