Videography / Photography / Post

Street Store

Media coverage capturing the experience and the story behind the event through film and pictures.

the brief

Every year in downtown Vancouver people come together to donate winter items for anyone who is in need. This is all spearheaded by Christina Wong. We’ve had the opportunity to participate in documenting the event and meet the folks who attend.

The Content

This pro-bono content is repurposed year after year to create hype and awareness leading to this event.

This event is what led to our long-standing relationship with Christina as well as becoming her volunteer content team for Employ to Empower.

In 2020, we secured funding to create a short documentary about the story behind Employ To Empower. It will be touring film festivals in 2022. Stay tuned!

the result

"Without a doubt, we’ d recommend Cillema in a heartbeat. Amy and Alex are the epitome of top talent for photography and cinematography. They captured the strength and resilience of emerging entrepreneurs, thus challenging the stigmas around the DTES community. We at Employ to Empower, a local charity, are extremely lucky to have Cillema as our proud cinematography partner. Unlike most cinematographers, Amy and Alex bring a compassionate, wholehearted approach where they invest time to get to know the organization and the people whom they are filming before they even turn on the camera."

Christina Wong

Executive Director at Employ To Empower