Casting / Videography / Photography / Post / Animations

Vessi Footwear

Content creation for Vessi Footwear's kickstarter campaign

the brief

Vessi asked us to take prototype shoes on a trip to showcase how they're simply the best travel shoes out there. At the same time, putting them to the test, exposing them to all the season and extreme conditions.

The Content

From Canada to a lay-over in Iceland on the way to France, we took these shoes everywhere and photographed the heck out of them along the way.

The content got strategically used on multiple advertising and media channels before, during and after the successful kickstarter campaign.

They raised over $1.2 million dollars with 9,365 backers.

the result

Cillema are incredibly talented. Give them an idea and they turn it into a visual masterpiece that captures raw emotion. Had a pleasure of working with them on multiple projects for our companies.

Tony Yu

Co-Founder of VESSI