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Vessi Cloudburst

Production of content assets ready for Vessi's new rugged shoe NOW LAUNCHED on Kickstarter!

the brief

Showcase all practical features of the shoe in both nature and city applications.

The Content

We sat down with Vessi for another project when Tony (co-founder) showed us a sneak peek at this upcoming sneaker in the making. We got really excited with this model since it's promoting a lifestyle right down our alleyand a great excuse to go roll into the dirt in the great outdoors. This was our second Kickstarter campaign with Vessi and is still running as you're reading this.

the result

"Always a pleasure to work with Cillema! Alex and Amy always make our outlandish ideas feel like a breeze and they take on projects with so much positive energy and open-mindedness."

Katie Golding

Creative Director at Vessi