Casting / Styling / Scouting / Photo + Videography

Vessi "Back To Old School"

The full Cillema team put their heads together to create some zesty assets including an infomercial announcing the incredible promotion.

the brief

Just a month before the back to school shopping seasons, Vessi offers a time-capsule collection that brings customers a sense of nostalgia focusing on the 90’s. Cillema joined the creative table, and time travelled to create this genuine content.

The Content

The response on social channels has been incredibly positive and has indeed burst undeniable feelings of 90s nostalgia.

Recess lifestyle vibe photos were also commissioned for this campaign. Amy and Alex took care of the casting, styling, scouting shooting and editing for this assignment.

the result

"Always a pleasure to work with Cillema! Alex and Amy always make our outlandish ideas feel like a breeze and they take on projects with so much positive energy and open-mindedness."

Katie Golding

Creative Director at Vessi